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MZ Contracting Ltd.

We handle the heat for you

MZ Contracting, registered in Manitoba in 1987, specializes in the installation and repair of refractory linings.  We use highly qualified trades people who are regularly employed in the refractory industry and related trades to provide complete shutdown services for our customers.  This gives us the capability and experience to perform all types of installations, including:

  • Brick
  • Casting
  • Fibre
  • Related Steel Repairs
  • Ramming
  • Shotcrete
  • Pre-Cast
  • Gunning

MZ Contracting has the capability to meet our customer's complete pre-cast requirements using our computerized dry-out furnace located in our facilities in Selkirk, Manitoba.

As an independent refractory installer/supplier, we have the freedom to obtain the best refractory products and technical support from a multitude of manufacturers.  This ensures that our selection of products and methods are limited only by our customer's requirements and not dictated by brand name limitations.



P.O. Box 322 - 715 Greenwood Avenue - Selkirk, Manitoba  R1A 2B3
Telephone: 204-785-2192 Toll Free: 866-785-2192 Fax: 204-785-2517