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MZ Contracting was founded by Lorne Monkman in 1987 which specializes in the installation and repair of refractory linings. Since that time, there was a need for refractory products for customers in Central and Western Canada, so he opened Continental Refractories in 2003.


Continental Refractories supplies a full range of products and services to various industries including Cement, Lime, Pulp & Paper, Chemicals and Petro-Chemicals, Incineration, Carbon Black, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Foundries, Aluminum, Copper & Nickel, Zinc, Lead and other Non-Ferrous metals.


Continental Refractories is an exclusive Canadian Distributor of the following products:

  • Clay-Alumina Firebrick
  • Conventional Castables, Self-Flow and Vibratable
  • Ultra-Low Cement and Non-Cement Castables
  • Gun Mixes
  • Shotcrete Mixes
  • I.F.B. Brick
  • Plastics
  • Mortars
  • Basic Castable

We can also supply pre-cast shapes which are manufactured locally for your unique requirements.  MZ Contracting Ltd. is available to provide the expertise in installing refractory products.


Please contact Continental Refractories Ltd. for further information.



P.O. Box 322 - 715 Greenwood Avenue - Selkirk, Manitoba  R1A 2B3
Telephone: 204-785-2192 Toll Free: 866-785-2192 Fax: 204-785-2517