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Service Advantages for YouFoundery Pour

Using a variety of refractory manufacturers gives us the following advantages to pass on to you:

  • Selection of the best products for the job regardless of brand
  • Access to a large and varied group of industry specialists
  • Constant upgrades of the latest developments in technology
  • Access to a wide range of engineering capabilities
  • All the necessary equipment to complete the work from tear-out to installation

MZ Contracting has a strong commitment to safety. We have developed and implemented a comprehensive company safety program designed to safeguard our customer's people and property.  This means big savings for our customers through lower compensation costs, and no lost time due to delays in a project's completion.  Please contact us for a copy of our safety program.


Our pre-cast, pre-rammed, and pre-fired shapes can mean big savings to you.  Our pre-cast shop is equipped with a computerized bake-out oven.  This produces shapes of the highest quality for your maximum benefit.  You can have pre-fired shapes on the shelf for those high wear areas, reducing installation and initial heat-up time.  This results in reduced down time.  Please contact us to discuss the potential savings our pre-cast capabilities can deliver for you.



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